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located in the loudoun county

18061 Tranquility Road
Purcellville, Virginia 20132

(540) 338-2027
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Tranquility is a farm property and the grounds are primarily gravel, grass and stone.
parking is available onsite
handicap accessible

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Originally 600 acres, the farm dates to 1807 and was home to prominent Quaker land developer David Lovett, who also built the house and barns at Hillsboro Vineyard in 1820, most likely for one or more of his children.

The Quakers denounced slavery, and Virginia’s Quakers sympathized with the Union during the Civil War. A Quaker meeting house in the nearby village of Lincoln is active today.

Tranquility Farm’s sophisticated fieldstone manor was built by stone masons in the Federal style and includes plaster crown molding and heart pine flooring on both the front and central staircases.

The house exterior features a unique grouping of white quartz stones that resembles an eyeball. Every year on the summer solstice at precisely 7 a.m., the “eyeball” is illuminated by the sun with the shadow of a pyramid below it (formed by the nearby smoke house roof), similar to the all-seeing eye of providence on the dollar bill.

The farm’s antique bank barn features hand-hewn beams, wide plank floors and plenty of patina. Original outbuildings include the stone smoke house and springhouse, a stunning spot for photographs with the backdrop of its mossy stone wall. 

The farm was also once part of the territory for Piedmont Fox Hounds, the oldest fox hunting club in the country. In the 1980s, Jackie Kennedy Onassis would hunt here with her friend Barbara Graham, a successful racehorse trainer who grew up at Tranquility Farm. “They hunted side by side in the mornings and then drove around the country lanes,” according to Vicky Moon’s book The Private Passion of Jackie Kennedy Onassis: Portrait of a Rider. “We connected because she was so down to earth,” said Graham.

The landmark silo, the largest in Loudoun County at 130 feet, is a remnant of the days when hundreds of local dairy farms produced and shipped their products by train from Purcellville to Washington, D.C.

Today the farm has 23 acres in conservation easement and is surrounded by other conserved land, preserving this historic gem at the quiet end of Tranquility Road and is the sister property to Otium Cellars across the road.

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Otium Cellars Winery is a sister property to tranquility farm and is located just across a quiet gravel road.

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Enhance your event or stay with unique options from Otium, including wine tastings, wine bottles in guest rooms, rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, bridal luncheons, and culinary delights from our executive chef. The unique pairing of our boutique winery and luxury events farm allows our couples and their guests to truly experience all that Virginia wine country is known for as they sip, host, and stay in the heart of Purcellville. 


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Nestled along Goose Creek and flanked by vineyards, Tranquility Farm is a charming example of the Quaker farms that dot Loudoun County’s rolling countryside. Over the past 200-plus years it has been home to thoroughbred racehorses and dairy cows, and traversed by fox hunters including Jackie O.

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18061 Tranquility Road
Purcellville, Virginia 20132

(540) 338-2027



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18061 Tranquility Road
Purcellville, Virginia 20132

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